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Zhenming Ali-mallSupports orders by means of drawing, sample and customization demands. Product specifications guideThere are more than 1000 mature models of batteries

Every industry has a soul called "The Spirit of Craftsmanship". It is a kind of awe-inspiring temperament: excellence, meticulosity, preciseness, patience, focus, persistence, professionalism and dedication.
The goal of Zhenming craftsmanship spirit is to create competitive products, so that high-quality battery products of Zhenming can walk into every walk of life.

Zhenming Energy Technology · Committed to stand out from peers!

ZhenMing Energy Technology · Stand Out From The Crowd!

  • Strictly follow ISO9001 quality management
    to ensure stable quality
  • Zhenming has focused on manufacturing high
    quality batteries for 16 years
  • We have mature battery technology, with full range
    of products complied with EU RoHS
  • There are more than 1,000 mature models with a production
    capacity of more than 0.2 million batteries/day
  • Manufacture the reliable products exactly according to the demands
Zhenming Energy
Traditional battery products manufacturer
  • Product problems caused by the unqualified
    raw materials used
  • The inferior products caused by the
    immature production technology
  • Poor quality control and unstable battery use
  • Insufficient supply during batch customization
    because of unstable suppliers
  • Opaque and unstable prices with large fluctuations
  • Fail to cooperate with the research and development of new products
Why do many first-line brands chooseZhenming Energy battery?

Why Many First-Line Electronic Brands Have Chosen ZhenMing ?

Strict Quality Control · Complete Certifications

Increasing investment on technology research and development

  • Qualifications of UL / CE / FCC / KC / CB / UN38.3 / RoHS, etc.
  • ISO9001 quality system certification
  • Full range of products comply with the
    requirements of EU RoHS
Standardization · Capacity Supply Chain

It has certain advantages in delivery time and price

  • It has a production capacity of 0.2 million batteries per day
  • With a plant area of nearly 7,000 square meters,
    and over 200 employees
  • There are more than 1,000 mature models
16 years of experience · Expert team

Increasing investment in infrastructures

  • Zhenming has closely cooperation with many domestic research institutes
  • The factory has established a perfect technology research
    and development system
  • It provides solutions and customized battery
    services for customers
Service Fields · Globalization

Product service standards shall achieve the unity of globalization

  • The company provides 24-hour online and offline services
  • Provide the customer with the solutions for delivery and various problems
  • The products sold well in 30 countries and regions
    including Asia, Europe, America, Africa, etc.
Focused on research, development and sales of button type battery production for16 years Committed to creating an outstanding leading battery manufacturer
  • Button type rechargeable
  • Lithium ion batteries NI-MH battery
  • Soft-packaging li-polymer battery
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Focused on research and development of button type battery production for 16 years

Guangzhou Zhenming Energy Technology Co., Ltd is known as former Guangzhou Zhenming Battery Co., Ltd. which was established in 2004. The company is formed by an elite team with many years of experiences in technology, production, quality and sales in the battery industry with integration of production, research and development, and sales. The production base is located at No. 2, No.8 Road, Nanpu Development Zone, Nanpu Village, Xintang Town, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou.

The company covers an area of 7,000 square meters, and it has more than 200 employees. The main products are button type rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, high-rate rechargeable batteries, high and low temperatures rechargeable batteries, etc. The company owns the independent intellectual property rights to all the product, and has obtained a number of technological invention and utility model patents of button type rechargeable batteries and lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

7000Production Research and Development Base


ISO 9001Quality System Certification

ISO 9001

Coverage Area28 domestic provinces and cities and overseas

Coverage Area
Zhenming Battery · Boosts Environmental Protection and Energy Career

The tenacious quality of the brand for 16 years has experienced the baptism of the years.

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