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What is a lithium battery? Introduce its maintenance method for you!

  Lithium battery is an increasingly widely used energy storage conversion device, because its excellent electrochemical performance realizes a small-medium-large-scale market application scenario that advances with the times. When we say When it comes to the correct use of lithium batteries, it usually refers to small applications, that is, consumer electronics, such as smartphones and laptops. Because large- and medium-sized applications are based on small-scale application technologies, small-scale applications have common characteristics, while large- and medium-sized applications are much more complicated. Generally, medium-sized applications are on new energy vehicles. Above the base station, we generally call it the energy storage battery. Therefore, when we talk about the "method of using lithium batteries", it is in line with people's common understanding to limit lithium batteries to small-scale applications.

Lithium battery maintenance

The temperature is suitable to prevent hot and cold. When idle, lithium batteries usually do not cause safety accidents. The purpose of daily maintenance is to put the lithium batteries in a suitable environment, thereby delaying the aging of the batteries. In fact, one of the lithium battery parameter design is the appropriate temperature. Relatively speaking, the lower temperature is not a problem, but if it is placed at a higher temperature, the saying is that the object will be reversed, which will also cause safety problems. The idle state we just talked about is the normal environment. If you put the lithium battery in the water or near the fire source, you will be out of the topic of "maintenance". So, what do you do in a normal environment? Water is protected from moisture and heat is protected from exposure. Therefore, the appropriate environment for daily maintenance of lithium batteries should be four words: ventilation, cool. Regardless of whether the lithium battery is left alone or used in electric appliances, these four words should be followed.

Among the correct use methods of lithium batteries, the charging method of lithium batteries is the most important, because incorrect charging methods will cause safety problems, and discharge and daily maintenance affect only the service life of lithium batteries, and lithium batteries themselves are also a kind of Consumables, no matter what measures we take can not avoid its ultimate loss, but we use the correct method to delay its aging.